Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Treats!

Here are just a few of the Holiday Treats that were made this season!

These were 24 Mini Eggnog Loaves. They are much like an eggnog flavored pound cake. All the cards were decorated and ribbon wrapped by hand- what a fun and festive gift for neighbors, coworkers & friends!

These were just a select few out of the !!hundreds!! of "Great Grandma Holliday's Christmas Cookies" Yes, my great grandma's last name really was Holliday and yes, they really are a secret family recipe ;)! They are decorated with a delicious sour cream icing and sprinkles.
This Christmas Cake was a 9" White & Chocolate 4 layer cake- but the secret surprise was that the white layers were colored red & green so when you cut into it the inside was even more festive than the outside! ((Pictures of cut cake to come soon!)) It had a chocolate buttercream filling with crushed holiday chocolate candies in each layer! The outside is decorated with buttercream and fondant details.