Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba!

This cake was featured on GabbaFriends.Com weekly feature, "The Yo Gabba Gabba Cake Sunday Showcase": !

This birthday cake was for Gavin's 3rd "Yo Gabba Gabba" Birthday! The cake is covered w/ fondant- the front being Lance's boombox. It is a chocolate cake w/ fudge filling!

(**with room left on top for Mom to add cake toppers & candles!)


  1. This cake is awesome! i want to attempt to re-make it for my daughters 3rd birthday. could you please send me instructions on how you did it?

  2. Hi Whitnee-- Gosh it was a while ago since I made this cake, and I would probably do lots of things differently now that I have more experience ;)
    I believe I used maybe a quarter sheet pan (3 layers 2 layers of filling for cake) but I would actually suggest just baking out the same dimensions and cutting them in half so the boom box would actually be proportionate-- you could also just use square pans and cut them by eye, it all depends on how thick your layers are to be proportionate the rest of the ways!
    Anywho, iced them all in buttercream and covered the cake in white fondant. Then I just used my cutters (circle and square) to cut out the speakers and the buttons for the boombox. Piped red buttercream across the speakers (I would suggest using a smaller tip than the one I did, something like a 2)
    Then just used my other cutters, star and circles to add some whimsical cutouts around all of the open space, and made swirlies with matching fondant.
    Don't know what all you have but you basically only need circle cutters, stars, and square cutters! It's a pretty simple cake design wise, but people still know it's yo gabba gabba so it's a good option for a party! The mom for this cake had bought some of the little figurines of the characters, which is why there is open space on the top- so that's an easy way to also incorporate the characters.
    Hope that helped!

  3. thank you so much! i do have another question because this will be my first time using fondant. do i frost the cake and then put the fondant on? or do i not even need to frost the cake?

  4. Hi Whitnee, Yes you will frost the entire cake with buttercream, or whatever flavor frosting you are using. Then put it in the fridge until it hardens up- if you do it room temp or when the frosting is soft, if you mess up with fondant and attempt to pull it off you will pull all the frosting off with the fondant and it is a huge mess. Put down some powdered sugar or corn starch wherever you are going to roll out your white fondant. Roll out fondant (has to be pretty big since you are covering a square) and lay evenly over the entire cake. Work quickly (but evenly!) smoothing down the fondant from the top all the way around and work your way around to the bottom!! Good luck! There are some great tutorials online if you search covering cakes in fondant- and really good tips for covering square cakes since they can be a little tricky!

  5. Holy moly! This cake is absolutely adorable!!! My kids have always loved this show. You fondant work is really incredible.