Thursday, March 31, 2016

We are looking for our next intern!!

Do you love to bake at home? Is cake decorating "your thing"? Are you currently enrolled in culinary school?? Think you've got what it takes to be part of the LST team!? Well we are looking for our next intern!!
This position is a 3 month UNPAID internship with us at Leah's Sweet Treats. Professional experience is not necessary, but natural talent and creativity is required. We have never opened it up to applicants who haven't had schooling or professional experience- but we know there is a lot of talent out there!
In order to apply for this position, please do the following:
Send us an email to: Under *NO* circumstances call us about this position!!!
Your email must include your name, age, location and availability. (This internship will require early mornings, and some Saturdays) Please tell us why you would like to be an intern at Leah's Sweet Treats! We want to hear about your passion for cakes and baking!! If you are currently in school, please tell us about what program you are enrolled in.
You also MUST attach pictures of your work. Any applicants who do not include photos will not be considered. If you just like the IDEA of cake decorating or baking, and have never done it before- this position is not for you!!
We get tons of applicants when we open up our internship program! We will be contacting those who show enthusiasm and have the most talent.
We will keep this open to applicants for 3 weeks.
Leah and Team!
Want to be a part of the sweetest team in town!? Hurry and apply!