Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Candyland Cake

Well this is probably my new favorite cake ever!! I was so excited when Tori's mom Nicole came in to place this order for Tori's Candyland themed quinceanera!! It has all of my favorite elements: bright colors, funky, girly, CANDY! The cake was 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" alternating between square and round stacked cakes. The two round cakes were frosted like our signature "sprinkle cakes" and the square cakes were covered in bright buttercream with fondant details.  All of the candy details are made by hand! 

Elvis Cake

This "Elvis" Birthday cake cracked me up! It is a 6" and 8" chocolate cake. Elvis is made out of fondant. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Cake

This book cake was designed for Ashley's birthday by her sweet mother and sister. It is based off a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote and Ashley's love for reading! The actual cake was sculpted from an 8" cake, covered in fondant and made to look "antiqued and worn". There is also a fondant bookmark, quill pin, and glasses!

Olivia the Pig Birthday Cake

This funky little cake is for Kenley's 2nd Birthday party which has an "Olivia the Pig" theme! Her mom requested the cake be done in the colors of Olivia. I love cakes like this! I think sometimes it's better to have a cake that matches the theme in color and "feel" without having an overload of the actual character!! It looks super cute as a centerpiece when everything else for the party has the character on it!

Sailboat Smash Cake

This 6" smash cake was for Gavin's Sailboat themed first birthday party. His mom requested the cake be done in only red's, blue's and white! There are fondant sailboats going all around the cake with blue buttercream waves and a big fondant "one" on top.

Pink Teapot Tea Party Cake

I just adore this pink teapot cake! Jane Anne's sweet grandma came in to order this cake and requested we use as little fondant as possible! The only thing that ended up being fondant was the the spout, handle, and little top ball! I love how it turned out! The "plate" and teapot are both made from 8" vanilla bean cakes. Jane Anne was having a Tea Party at Rivercrest and the cake was the centerpiece!

Fall Scarecrow Cake

How fun is this Fall Scarecrow cake!? I made it as a dummy cake to keep up front with all of our fall decors!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ruffles Roses and Pearls Wedding Cake

How gorgeous is this wedding cake?!? Alice designed her cake based off her dress, wanting lots of ruffles and pearls, and the soft pink that she had everywhere at the reception. The bottom two tiers were made to mimic the ruffles of her wedding dress. The next tier was covered in hand rolled and airbrushed pearls, and the top tier was covered in layers and layers of ruffles. All of the roses were hand made and airbrushed. The cake was white velvet, almond, and strawberry with fresh strawberry filling and the reception was at the Ashton Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. 

Lion and Lamb Birthday Cake

This first birthday cake was made for twins' TJ and Isabella's first birthday with a biblical theme! The cake was a 4" confetti and 6" cookies and cream cake with buttercream frosting and a super cute fondant lion and lamb on top. 

Western Cowboy Cake

This cake was made for Carter's 3rd birthday! Lots of fun fondant details on this cake: cowboy hat, belt buckle, rope, horse shoes, and boot. The cake was a 4" and 6" cookies & cream cake. 

Indian Inspired Paisley Cake

This bright cake was designed by Heather for her husband's 40th Birthday celebration. It was a 9" rocky road cake with buttercream frosting and buttercream and fondant paisley designs and piping. 

Sesame Street Birthday Cake

This cake was made for AJ's 2nd birthday with a Sesame St theme. His mama wanted his name on top in the shape of the Sesame street sign. The cake was confetti, red velvet, and and cookies and cream. 

Ladybug Cupcakes

Love these ladybug cupcakes! They were 2 dozen vanilla bean and double chocolate cupcakes with brightly colored buttercream and fondant ladybug and flower toppers!

Lilly Pulitzer Cake

This cake was based off of a Lilly Pulitzer rose pattern. It was an 8" confetti cake with all buttercream design besides the pink "birthday tag". 

Mermaid Smash Cake and Cupcakes

This fun order was for London's fourth birthday! It was a 4" Almond Cake with a fondant mermaid on top and 2 dozen strawberry and vanilla bean cupcakes with matching fondant toppers!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I wanted to do a post on buttercream for a few reasons:
1. I get alot of random comments from people all over the internet complaining that my blog is not a blog. That's true- it's not much of a "blog"! It's primary use is to show pictures of the cakes we have done. I used to go into more detail about the decor and involvement of each cake, but since my storefront has opened I don't have the time for that... But there are certain subjects that deserve a blog post! I also say all the time that I am going to start "blogging" more, but never seem to get to it.
2. I got my degree in Communication. Can't let that sucker go to waste!! :) Hi Dad. Using my college degree as we speak.

Okay so onto the buttercream!! We really, really, really, super duper, REALLY, take alot of pride in our buttercream. We only do three types of frostings here: Buttercream, chocolate buttercream, and cream cheese frosting. This means we are putting buttercream on almost ALL of our cupcakes. That means it has to taste good and look good! So now I am going to spill some of our not so secret secrets with you: our buttercream has 3 ingredients: butter, sugar, and pure vanilla extract. We absolutely do not ever use any shortening or oil. You won't even find shortening or oils in the building! Shortening is used in buttercream/cakes for 2 reasons: 1. stability 2. it's cheap. I mean really cheap. We don't use for it two reasons 1. it's terrible for you 2. it's gross. I mean really gross. Have you ever accidentally got shortening on your hands? It's impossible to get off right!?! Imagine that going into your stomach! Talk about tummy ache!! It makes me cringe just thinking about it. I have to admit though- it is most definitely harder to frost a cake with all butter buttercream. But that's why I'm so proud of what Nicole and I can do here! We have mastered the smooth buttercream frosting technique, and I think it's pretty awesome. We never cover our cakes in fondant (unless requested) because our buttercream looks just as smooth.
So how do you know if you are eating "shorteningcream"? I'll give you some hints: 1. the cupcake costs $1.00. How can anyone possibly be making any money if their cupcakes are shockingly cheap? We use all butter, no oils, fresh fruit etc etc etc-- there would be no way to make money on a cupcake like that unless it is cake mix, oil, and shortening. (tummy ache) 2. The frosting is "crusty" or "hard". This can be either because of the shortening or an inordinate amount of powdered sugar. (or both) You shouldn't be able to touch a swirl of frosting and have a clean finger. If you accidentally swipe your finger in our buttercream you're going to have a delicious mess on your hands. (literally). And speaking of the inordinate amounts of powdered sugar- we also really pride ourselves on our "sweentess" level. The complaint I hear most about cupcakes in general is either that they are too dry or too sweet. We like to think that our buttercream compliments our cakes perfectly. It is "mildly" sweet, fluffy, and smooth!
Come in and try our buttercream, let us know what YOU think!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Custom Cupcakes

At Leah's Sweet Treats we like to think we bring something unique to the table with our custom fondant cupcakes. They are a great way to bring your theme to life, they look super cute set up on the table, and are easier to "serve" at a party. Not to mention everybody loves cupcakes these days!!
Unfortunately since I have been open on Camp Bowie we have had a few unfortunate situations come about with our custom cupcake orders. Depending on your theme, custom cupcakes can sometimes be more time consuming and detailed than a custom cake. If we have to make 24 "characters" that is 48 eye balls, 48 pupils, 24 noses, 24 mouths, etc etc etc. It is extremely meticulous. Not only are we charging for the materials used, we are more so charging for the time involved in making them. We have now had multiple instances where people place orders either over the phone or by email and fail to come in and pick them up or respond to our voicemails/emails. This is a huge loss for us- not only monetarily but the time we wasted. No one will want to come in and buy "Happy 30th Birthday ______!" cupcakes. Key word here is "custom". They are custom to your party!
We now have a new policy that all custom cupcake orders placed more than a week in advance will require a 50% non refundable deposit at time of order, and the week of will have to be paid in full. You can either pay in full via credit card over the phone, or you can come in and pay. Before you have paid your order will not be confirmed.
We love what we do, and we love making people happy! We love custom cupcakes! We do not love being burned.
I would also like to clarify what can and cannot be made as toppers:
We cannot do any Disney Characters/Computer animated characters/or extremely intricate detailed objects. Not only are we legally not supposed to do the trademarked characters, when it comes to extremely recognizable characters if you are off the slightest bit it just looks weird. We don't want to give you something that looks weird. If we are not confident in being able to pull something off we would rather be up front with you than have you show up and be disappointed in your order! There are a variety of awesome, fun, cute, unique options- and we can definitely come up with a compromise to make your party that much more amazing!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Safari Baby Shower Cake

The "Safari" theme seems to be one that is not going away any time soon when it comes to baby showers! I love this theme because there are so many fun possibilities. I believe this was our first order for a girl safari cake, so I was super excited to put a girly twist on it!! The cake was a 4" and 6" stacked yellow cake with buttercream filling. There is a fondant monkey and lion and lots of fondant leaves and details. I really love the vibrancy and whimsy of this one!

Retro Flowers 90th Birthday Cake

I really love this cake! (and sad that I had to use my phone on this one too!) This cake was designed off of the invitation for a sweet 90 year old's birthday party! The more we do buttercream flower piping, the more I like the outcome! The cake is a 4", 6", 8" pink champagne cake covered in buttercream with buttercream flowers. The 90 on top is made from fondant. 

Happy Bee-day Cake

This fun cake was made for Hayes' first birthday. There was also a super cute smash cake that went with it that I unfortunately did not get a picture of :( This cake was a 4" and 6" stacked yellow cake with buttercream filling. The top beehive cake was covered in pale yellow fondant with those super cute fondant bee's buzzing around!

Funky 40th Birthday Cake

My darn camera wasn't working this weekend, so I had to take pictures with my iphone. This fun cake was based off of Alyssa's "Fairy Cake", but made for Rita's 40th! The cake was an 8" Lemon cake with fresh strawberries and buttercream filling. The bow, "40" and flowers are all made from fondant. I love the colors!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Art and Ikat Cake

What a fun, bright cake this is! It s a 6" and 8" square stacked cake. Top tier is pink champagne, bottom tier is white with fresh strawberries and buttercream filling. The painters palette and brushes are made from fondant and the ikat chevron pattern was piped with buttercream.

Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Officially one of my favorite cakes ever! So girly and sweet, wish we had it as a dummy cake to have on display!! Anna Kate's sweet mommy was a pleasure to work with and picked our chocolate covered cherry as the flavor for the cake! The strawberries leaves and flowers are all made from fondant. 

Girly Western Cake

I had so much fun making this western cake for Miss Brooke!! It is a 4" 6" 8" stacked cake with red velvet, cookies and cream, and confetti cake. Her party is going to be at the stockyards and I think it's going to be fab! 

Pink and Green Monkey Cake

This cake is for Ayame's first birthday!! It is an 8" white cake covered in buttercream frosting with pink and green fondant details and a fondant monkey on top!