Thursday, August 16, 2012


I wanted to do a post on buttercream for a few reasons:
1. I get alot of random comments from people all over the internet complaining that my blog is not a blog. That's true- it's not much of a "blog"! It's primary use is to show pictures of the cakes we have done. I used to go into more detail about the decor and involvement of each cake, but since my storefront has opened I don't have the time for that... But there are certain subjects that deserve a blog post! I also say all the time that I am going to start "blogging" more, but never seem to get to it.
2. I got my degree in Communication. Can't let that sucker go to waste!! :) Hi Dad. Using my college degree as we speak.

Okay so onto the buttercream!! We really, really, really, super duper, REALLY, take alot of pride in our buttercream. We only do three types of frostings here: Buttercream, chocolate buttercream, and cream cheese frosting. This means we are putting buttercream on almost ALL of our cupcakes. That means it has to taste good and look good! So now I am going to spill some of our not so secret secrets with you: our buttercream has 3 ingredients: butter, sugar, and pure vanilla extract. We absolutely do not ever use any shortening or oil. You won't even find shortening or oils in the building! Shortening is used in buttercream/cakes for 2 reasons: 1. stability 2. it's cheap. I mean really cheap. We don't use for it two reasons 1. it's terrible for you 2. it's gross. I mean really gross. Have you ever accidentally got shortening on your hands? It's impossible to get off right!?! Imagine that going into your stomach! Talk about tummy ache!! It makes me cringe just thinking about it. I have to admit though- it is most definitely harder to frost a cake with all butter buttercream. But that's why I'm so proud of what Nicole and I can do here! We have mastered the smooth buttercream frosting technique, and I think it's pretty awesome. We never cover our cakes in fondant (unless requested) because our buttercream looks just as smooth.
So how do you know if you are eating "shorteningcream"? I'll give you some hints: 1. the cupcake costs $1.00. How can anyone possibly be making any money if their cupcakes are shockingly cheap? We use all butter, no oils, fresh fruit etc etc etc-- there would be no way to make money on a cupcake like that unless it is cake mix, oil, and shortening. (tummy ache) 2. The frosting is "crusty" or "hard". This can be either because of the shortening or an inordinate amount of powdered sugar. (or both) You shouldn't be able to touch a swirl of frosting and have a clean finger. If you accidentally swipe your finger in our buttercream you're going to have a delicious mess on your hands. (literally). And speaking of the inordinate amounts of powdered sugar- we also really pride ourselves on our "sweentess" level. The complaint I hear most about cupcakes in general is either that they are too dry or too sweet. We like to think that our buttercream compliments our cakes perfectly. It is "mildly" sweet, fluffy, and smooth!
Come in and try our buttercream, let us know what YOU think!

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