Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Custom Cupcakes

At Leah's Sweet Treats we like to think we bring something unique to the table with our custom fondant cupcakes. They are a great way to bring your theme to life, they look super cute set up on the table, and are easier to "serve" at a party. Not to mention everybody loves cupcakes these days!!
Unfortunately since I have been open on Camp Bowie we have had a few unfortunate situations come about with our custom cupcake orders. Depending on your theme, custom cupcakes can sometimes be more time consuming and detailed than a custom cake. If we have to make 24 "characters" that is 48 eye balls, 48 pupils, 24 noses, 24 mouths, etc etc etc. It is extremely meticulous. Not only are we charging for the materials used, we are more so charging for the time involved in making them. We have now had multiple instances where people place orders either over the phone or by email and fail to come in and pick them up or respond to our voicemails/emails. This is a huge loss for us- not only monetarily but the time we wasted. No one will want to come in and buy "Happy 30th Birthday ______!" cupcakes. Key word here is "custom". They are custom to your party!
We now have a new policy that all custom cupcake orders placed more than a week in advance will require a 50% non refundable deposit at time of order, and the week of will have to be paid in full. You can either pay in full via credit card over the phone, or you can come in and pay. Before you have paid your order will not be confirmed.
We love what we do, and we love making people happy! We love custom cupcakes! We do not love being burned.
I would also like to clarify what can and cannot be made as toppers:
We cannot do any Disney Characters/Computer animated characters/or extremely intricate detailed objects. Not only are we legally not supposed to do the trademarked characters, when it comes to extremely recognizable characters if you are off the slightest bit it just looks weird. We don't want to give you something that looks weird. If we are not confident in being able to pull something off we would rather be up front with you than have you show up and be disappointed in your order! There are a variety of awesome, fun, cute, unique options- and we can definitely come up with a compromise to make your party that much more amazing!!

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