Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

Here is one dozen Easter Cupcakes. They are white cake with buttercream frosting and fondant Easter details.

Floral Springtime Cupcakes

I was super excited when of my favorite clients (Miss Meri!) placed an order for "springtime" cupcakes. She showed me some awesome giant tissue paper flowers she was making for the graduation party she was throwing, and I immediately thought of this design. It is one of my favorite buttercream techniques for cupcakes! 
The cupcakes are lemon with lemon buttercream, coconut with buttercream, strawberry with strawberry buttercream and chocolate with buttercream. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mira Vista Celebration Cake

This cake was made for Mira Vista Country Club's celebration of 3 years being member owned. It is a 12", 10" and 8" cake- white with chocolate buttercream filling and buttercream frosting. The other details are made out of green and purple fondant.

65th Birthday Hunting Cake

This cake was for a 65th Birthday Celebration! The theme of the cake was camo and hunting. It is a chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream filling, buttercream frosting and covered in camo fondant. The leaves and deer head are also fondant. 

Bridal Shower Mini's

Mini Cupcakes for Colette's Bridal shower. They are confetti with buttercream frosting and red velvet with cream cheese.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cupcake Cake for a 1st Birthday

Here is a cute little cake for Kamden's first birthday. It is actually for a photo shoot- This must be a new trend because I have received a few requests for this lately. You take your smash cake and get professional photos the "smash-age"! It sounds fun to me...! The cake is white cake with buttercream filling, frosting and covered in fondant.

Zoo Animal Birthday Cupcakes

Here is 16 cupcakes for a 2nd Birthday at the zoo this weekend! The cupcakes are vanilla bean with buttercream frosting, and lemon with lemon buttercream frosting. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Indulge Magazine Fort Worth May 2011 Issue Springtime Flower Pot Cake

So Leah's Sweet Treats will be featured in the May Issue of Indulge Magazine among some other foodies (and then hopefully republished later in the Star Telegram) and I just dropped off this awesome cake to the Star Telegrams offices to be photographed for the issue! I'm not sure how much will actually be published about Leah's Sweet Treats or if they are taking a variety of pictures and which will be chosen, but let's hope this cake makes it to print! They requested a "Springtime" theme since it is the May issue so I decided to go with a flower pot theme with tons of bright flowers and "springy" colors. I have to admit I am really in love with this cake and this is kind of "me in a nutshell" when it comes to cake artistry. This is the kind of project I loooove to do, and having no restraints is always a plus! In honor of my awesome friend Jackie "Jackleen" Collins I had to put some cute little pink lady bugs crawling around.
It is a real cake- the flower pot is confetti with buttercream filling and the bottom tier is chocolate chocolate chip also with buttercream filling. The cakes are covered with fondant and all the leaves/flowers/ladybugs are also made out of fondant.
Happy Spring!! (This weather rocks!!)

Update on Storefront

Woohoo! Progress has been made at the storefront!! The carpet (and tiles that were underneath) have been pulled up and the paint colors have been chosen. Pfffh you thought I could narrow it down to one or two colors??? Try 6! It's going to be super cute, retro chic! The plans were finally finalized and should be submitted this week. If all goes well everything should move forward smoothly and swiftly so let's all hope so!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

American Flag Cupcakes

Ohhhhh boy, so let me tell you guys about these 600 American Flag Cupcakes...! I got a call on Tuesday asking if I would be interested in making 600 cupcakes in the shape of an American Flag at the Texas Motor Speedway for a press event based around the Coca Cola 600 and of course I said yes! Seems simple enough right?? On Wednesday they needed to know the specs for the table/set up, so I started to draw out a diagram/figure out the dimensions and that's when the buttercream hit the fan! In order to have the flag proportionate with 13 even stripes and 50 stars using EXACTLY 600 cupcakes the flag would end up being 2 feet by 8 feet long or almost an exact square except it would actually be wider than it was longer. ....Not cool!! Thank goodness my math skills have really blossomed since 7th grade math- I was punching in all different kinds of combinations on my heart shaped calculator. I figured it would all "come together" once the cupcakes were baked off and I could set them up. .................Well Friday rolls around and I didn't finish baking them off until about 6 PM. By the time my handy dandy assistant (my MOM) and I finished icing and sprinkling them it was about 10 PM. Oh and about the sprinkles- I am really not a fan of using food coloring to dye frosting, especially when the three hardest colors to achieve are red, blue and purple. Also I know grown people aren't fans of walking around with red and blue teeth and tongues. So when I was laying in bed tossing and turning on Wednesday night having visions of cupcake flags, it hit me- sanding sugar! That way I wouldn't have to dye the buttercream and it would also give it an awesome "glittery" sheen. Anywho- We start to set up the flag- and it is NOT going well people. Talk about a good reality show pitch: my mom and I on the kitchen floor at midnight "bleep bleep bleepity bleep bleep" I have to say I was spewing out most of the expletives. Although my mom did declare that Satan had entered her because she was saying words she never says. ......So at this point we have literally done every combination possible- I'm trying to make the flag "wave", make optical illusions- nothing was working! And then at like 1 AM it hit me! We just had to space out the rows. PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW finally it all came together!! After we got them all boxed up and labeled it was finally time for bed at 2:30AM. We left early on Saturday because all I kept hearing was what a nightmare the traffic would be, and there was actually not a smidge of traffic, it was awesome!! We got to the speedway and went in to the middle of the track to the media room and began setting up. Everything went so smoothly and everyone loved it! It was awesome opportunity and experience and I'm soo glad I had the opportunity! Hopefully next time I get a giant order like this I get a little more than 3 days notice ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

80's cake

This fun little cake is for an 80's themed 30th birthday party. The cake is red velvet with cream cheese filling, buttercream frosting, covered in black fondant and all fondant details. The Rubik's cube is also red velvet cake and the cassette tape is made out of gumpaste. Tubular!

"Hey Leah,
   I’m sorry I haven’t emailed you earlier, but I just wanted to thank you so much for the 80’s cake!! It was amazing!! I loved it and my husband loved it!! He was really surprised!! Thank you so much, it definitely made his birthday. You are so talented!!! Thanks again!!


Bridal Shower Cake and Cupcakes

Here is a combination cake and cupcake setup for a Bridal Shower. The design of the cake is based off of the invitations. It is an 8" confetti cake with buttercream filling and frosting with fondant birds and damask cut out pattern. The cupcakes are one dozen confetti with buttercream and red velvet with cream cheese and matching fondant decorations.

I would just like to thank you again for the desserts.  They looked and tasted amazing! There were so many compliments from guests about them! Hopefully more events will come up so I can give you a call :)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pink Baby Girl Shower Cupcakes

Here is one dozen "pinked out" cupcakes for an office party baby shower! (It's a girl, can you tell?) The cupcakes are chocolate chocolate chip with pink buttercream frosting and fondant flowers, polka dots, teddy bear, bow etc. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fairy Cake and Cupcakes

This cake and cupcake combination was based off the "Disney Fairy" theme! The cake is an 8" strawberry cake with buttercream and fresh strawberry filling. It is covered in a teal buttercream with fondant flower, ladybug, and leaf details. There is room left on top for mom to put the fairy figurines and candles! There are 3 dozen cupcakes- chocolate, white, and strawberry with buttercream fondant details.
I think Alyssa is going to have a FAIRY good third Birthday!! ;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Housewarming Party Cupcakes

How cute are these little mini's?! They are for Kalin's Housewarming party, half red velvet with cream cheese frosting, half white with buttercream frosting. 

Princess Cupcakes

Here is 2 dozen mini cupcakes for a Princess Birthday Party! They are chocolate and white cake with buttercream frosting and fondant details.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Cake

This is an 8" Marble Cake, with one layer of chocolate buttercream filling, and one regular buttercream. The request was for a "fashionable" cake for Camillia's birthday. The cake is covered in white quilted fondant, with a textured fondant bow, tag, scarf, pearls, lipstick and shoe! I was very excited about the shoe, the first shoe I've ever made! Now let's be honest, I have been known to wear some pretty out-there outfits in my time, but I think I've got a pretty good sense of "fashion" and style, let's just hope Camillia is on the same page as I am! My shoe was inspired by a Betsey Johnson-esque look and I think it turned out so cute! I'd wear them in real life ;)