Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tristan Data Cake decorator at Leah's Sweet Treats

Tristan is our head decorator here at Leah's Sweet Treats! He is 27 years old, and originally hails from Fairfax Virginia!! Tristan went to Pastry School at Stratford University in Virginia. I met Tristan almost 3 years ago when he came into the shop looking for a job. I had just opened and wasn't currently hiring- but thankfully I kept all of his information! As soon as I was looking to hire I hunted him down and the rest is history!! There was a time when it was just Tristan and I working together, horrible long hours and stress--- but he still kept me laughing the whole time!
Tristan is *unbelievably* talented and gifted in the world of cake decorating. He can replicate ANYTHING- and I mean anything!!! He is the KING of making fondant characters. They seriously somehow get cuter every time he makes them!! Tristan says his favorite part of working at Leah's Sweet Treats is "being able to practice his craft and learn how to do different techniques and designs!" He is an absolute perfectionist, and will not stop until everything is "just right"! 
Tristan lives in Dallas and is very active in his church. In his free time he enjoys hosting dinner parties and having his friends over! He loves playing volleyball, sings, and the boy loves his fried chicken!!! Tristan is a unique soul that we are blessed to have working along side us!!

Here are a few of my favorite cakes that Tristan has made for us: