Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update on the Storefront!

Sign is up!
Hi everyone! I wanted to give an update on the progress of the storefront since there has actually been *GASP* progress!! :) I am so excited and literally CANNOT wait to get open!
As for the actual construction, we have walls up, plumbing installed, electric done, and are getting close to working on the more exciting stuff- aka paint and decor :) I was realllly, really hoping to be open by the end of October but it is looking more like Mid- November. Once we get an actual date of completion I will be promoting our grand opening which will fall on a Saturday! Stay tuned for that announcement because it's going to be an awesome event!!
I also wanted to explain to everyone my vision and what you can expect when you come in once we are open! There will be retail cupcakes for sale every day. There will be one case where you can walk in and purchase one cupcake to eat on the spot, or as many as you would like! But there will also be the refrigerated case where there will be a variety of "Grab and Go" pre-boxed cupcakes. I am so excited for this! They will be a variety of flavors, and also decorated with custom fondant decor! So for instance when the holidays come up if you are in a crunch you can stop in on the fly and pick up one dozen or two dozen amazingly cute, ready to go, already decorated cupcakes! I think it's going to be a hit and like nothing else you can find in Fort Worth!! If you like what I do with my custom cupcake orders, you will definitely like this! These "Grab and Go's" will be available every day (first come, first serve) and the themes will change according to seasons/holidays/events etc!
The closer we get to opening the closer we are getting to having an actual LAND LINE phone (woohoo!!!!!) And we can all communicate via phone, or better yet in person! So please stay tuned for the new number!
I also wanted to encourage everyone to place their orders for Halloween ASAP (how the heck is it already mid October?!?!) I have sooo many cute ideas for Halloween cupcakes-- shoot me an email if you would like to place an order!!
Thank you again everyone for your constant support and patience! Can't wait to share my vision with all of you!! :)
Oh, and one last thing!! I have been working with my amazing graphic designer/photographer team on an entirely new website for literally months now! (Same domain- But it is literally soooo CAAAA-YUUUUUTE and unique and ME- I cannot wait to reveal it to you guys!! It really conveys what Leah's Sweet Treats is to me and my actual aesthetic so it's going to be awesome! We have been waiting until we get the new contact info so please be sure to check my facebook for updates and the announcement of new website!!  

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