Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update on the Storefront and other misc. info!

Hello all! I now have some opportunity to actually write on my “blog”, so I hope you guys don’t mind reading my rambling. I gotta put that Communication degree to good use………. Right Dad? So here a few updates for everyone!
Today I decided to go “spruce up” my window, and hopefully catch some people’s attention off the street!! Last weekend I had put up my 2 hand painted signs, but then I had the idea to paint the windows… Side note/True story: I have always had a dream of being a window painter, especially the awesomeness that usually comes with Wendy’s windows. It is everything I love: Neon colors, block letters, and exclamation points!!! (!!!) Today I was finally able to get a taste of that dream I had since I was a tiny girl, dipping my chicken nuggets in my frosty (ewww, no YUM!! You gotta try it!) I headed over to Party Warehouse and picked up a variety of car window paints, the kind you use at Homecoming etc, and decided to see what I could come up with. Well let me tell you- it’s not that easy to use those darn things for details because the end is just a nub, and you can’t really control the flow, but I think it turned out super cute! Next time, I think I will investigate buying different paint, and using brushes! Also, might I add, *very* proud that I was able to spell everything correctly and have all the letters turned the right direction since I had to do it backwards. Also, I’m sure some of you might be wondering- Geez, what she doesn’t want to fork over the 20 bucks for a legit sign?? Well noooo, thank you very much, I’d rather spend 5 times as much at the craft and party store, hours out of my day, yellow paint all over my favorite shoes (and good thing we are pulling the carpet because there is a giant yellow puddle right by the window!) and do it myself! Because I love doing stuff like that! It’s the reason I’m a cake artist! I have always considered myself an “artistic” person, but more than that- I have always loved to MAKE things and DECORATE things. I’m a definite crafter! So although my signage may not be the most “professional” thing in the world, it definitely reflects who I am, and what I love.

On another note- I know everyone (including MYSELF!) has been asking when Leah’s Sweet Treats will be officially open. It’s hard to tell, but we are hoping hoping hoping for a May date. It all depends on getting things approved by the city more than it does actual renovations. So let’s all send good vibes that our plans get approved ASAP and we don’t have any major road blocks!!
Today I also met with Candice from FW Weekly- You guys have to pick up next week’s issue, which has their big “EATS” publication within the regular weekly publication. Tons and tons of Fort Worth restaurants and eateries, reviews, ads, and info! Look for my blurb and ad, very exciting!! And the best part: It's free!

And lastly my final note, which people have been asking me about since, well forever: I do not do any kind of gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, or any other kind of dietary needs sweet treats. I hate to turn down any kind of clientele, but I just would hate to put out a product that is sub- standard. I know what I am good at, and I like to only stick to things that I know will be totally satisfying to the customer. That also goes for why I don’t do cookies, cake balls, other pastries, etc. I don’t want to put out a million different products just because I can. When you get a cupcake or a cake from me, I can guarantee it is going to be moist, delicious, and fresh! 

Well I think that is all for now, thank you for reading, and have a SWEET day!

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