Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cowboy Cake

This weekend I had a request for a "cowboy" cake for little Grayson and his smash cake photo shoot for his 1st birthday. Grayson's mom just happens to be an awesomely amazing photographer- so she sent me over these pictures that she took of the cake alone-- which clearly pale in comparison to the pics I take in the kitchen, so just had to share! Isn't the setup so cute?? I am anxiously awaiting to check out her blog,  and see the pictures of Grayson and the cake!!!
The cake was a 6" and 4" white cake with buttercream filling and frosting and lots of fun fondant details! The top tier has a little dark chocolate fondant cowboy hat, black fondant cow print, and red "1". The bottom tier is "plaid" with a sherrifs pin and horseshoes, and a yellow fondant rope border. I love this cake, it may be one of my fav smash cakes ever! 
Thank you so much Chi for the awesome pics!!

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