Friday, September 9, 2011

Art Party Cake

I really adore this art party cake!! Kinsey's mom had contacted me about doing a cake for a 5th Birthday "Art" Party. She already had sooo many precious goodies/treats/invites that she shared with me, I knew the cake had to live up to the rest of the party!! :) It is a 6" & 8" stacked - the top tier is all confetti (how cute will that be when they cut into it!?) and the bottom tier is "tuxedo" chocolate, confetti, chocolate with buttercream filling. The cake is covered in white fondant with lots of fun fondant details: paint brushes, paint palette, crayons, "Kinsey Crayons", and paint splatters! 
Hopefully this cake fills up all those little "starving artists"!! :)


  1. This cake is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. This is such a cute cake!! Wish I lived in Texas. :(